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Reasons to Buy a Chromebook

Today, computers and laptops are a necessity. This is why most everyone are looking for the best laptops to buy. But this is not really a problem since there are dozens of laptop brands that you can find in the market today and your only problem is choosing the best one for your needs.

Today, you can find one new addition in laptop brands which was conceive by Google itself and this is the Chromebook. Recently introduced, it has now become very popular in the market because it gives you a basic computing experience. The operating system of the Chromebook was created by Google and this mainly relies on an internet connection to be able to use most of its functionality. The design of this laptop is geared toward providing for the web browsing needs of users and their needs for running simple apps. What are the good reasons then for buying a Chromebook. There are many benefits to buying a Chromebook which are given below.

The first thing you look when buying a laptop is its price and Chromebook has an advantaged because of its price. Comparing prices of laptops in the market today, you will find the Chromebook to be relatively cheaper than all of them. Although there are chromebook models that are really quite expensive, but for the most of other models the chromebook is much cheaper. And because they have high price tags, they also have better features including very high resolutions, great display, and have more internal storage that the average Chromebook.

Chromebooks have really lower prices than the average laptop brands. Computers in the market with those kinds of prices are old, refurbished or cheaper made ones.

You benefit from having a secure laptop if you buy a Chromebook. It has a restricted environment called a sandbox where the chrome OS apps and web pages run. If you are able to access a malicious website on your laptop by accident, then you get the advantage of not having your apps become affected or accessed by anything because of its secure and restricted environment.

Having bugs in your Chromebooks are rare. Because Google encrypts all information on the computer or in the cloud, then it makes it secure from bugs. Chromebook also has automatic updates.

Another advantage of buying a Chromebook is the 2 year free 100GB storage in Google Drive. The reliance of Chromebook on Googles apps and service make this a great advantage.

Buy a Chromebook today to fulfil your web browsing and app needs.

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