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All You Need to Know on General Contractors Licensing and Exams

The CSLB, Contractors State Licensing Board of California calls on all contractors to have a California Contractors License before they get to embark on any construction project in the state. You need to bear in mind the fact that this actually as well applies to the supervision of any project. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that this is actually a fact that applies to the whole state of California.

If you are wondering what the board defines as a general contractor, this is a person or a business that is principally working with any structure “being built, built, or to be built for the support, shelter and enclosure of persons or animals…or to superintend the whole or part thereof.” Generally speaking there is a bit of legwork when it comes to the need to procure your CA general contractor’s license but with the steps in this guide, you can be sure to have your CA contractors’ license in no time.

First and foremost we will take a look at what is required for the general contractors’ licensing exams for any applicant for a general contractors’ license. One must for any applicant for a general contractor’s license in CA is that of having to sit and pass a written examination. This examination basically covers the areas in the business of contracting and the state laws applicable in California governing this trade. Note the fact that this is a multiple choice exam and in it you will find four choices for each and every question. In order to qualify for these exams, you need to ensure that you have had at least four full years of experience in actual contracting work over the past ten immediate preceding years. In so far as positions go, you need to have acquired such experience serving as a journeyman, a foreman or serving in some other form of supervisor’s position. You as well stand qualified for these exams if you happen to have taken and completed an apprenticeship program that is CSLB approved.

Applicants looking forward to taking these examinations and as such need to prepare for them, make use of some of the available resources such as the available study guides that have sample questions. The guides have such a breakdown on the topics covered in the exams test taking strategies and other resources that will help for further study.

One other feature to know of these exams is the fact that there are actually some available exemptions to them. As an applicant you may be exempted from these exams if at all you have been working in the construction trade continuously for the past five years. Still an applicant with reciprocity based on their licensure as general contractors in states such as Utah, Nevada and Arizona may stand to enjoy these exemptions to exams.

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