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Key Parameters to Evaluate when Selecting Grass Fed Meat

We are at a point in time when sustainability means everything. Our energy systems, structures, decisions and what we eat and its production must be tenable. Every day around the world, there are huge amounts of beef consumed. We are looking at tons upon tons. However, the process of generating this beef is now causing harm to the environment. It is just no longer tenable. Among the ways that you, the beef lover, can ensure that sustainability comes back to beef production is by starting to look at grass-fed beef and organic beef. Grass-fed beef is produced on farms where the animals are well taken of hence equally aiding environmental conservation. Grass fed meat is a healthier alternative to its predecessors. Being that it is more ethically produced, grass-fed beef is gaining momentum in the market. What should you assess when buying grass-fed meat?

You need to start to know how to decrypt the information presenting the labels on the beef. The meat you are looking for here should have a grass-fed label. Grass fed animals are not fed artificial products or rather, these are not the main sources of food for them. Some of the labels you come across may not be real. Therefore, it is wise to pick meat with labels from organizations overseeing the grass-fed niche so that you can be certain of the beef’s authenticity. Presence of these labels indicates that the meat came from cattle that were humanely brought up.

At this stage, it may also make sense to engage a grass-fed beef farmer. Engaging the farmer can help you overcome some of the loopholes present in using labels only to make a choice. You can look for a small scale ranch where grass-fed beef is produced and purchase your beef from there. On the internet, you will find that relevant grass fed organizations have contacts of reliable farmers that you can consult on all matters grass-fed beef. When having a sit down with the farmers, make sure to inquire of their grazing techniques tenability.

You also need to know how to choose the right cut of beef. The physical parameters of the beef need some keen analysis so as to ascertain quality. The edges of quality grass-fed beef should be brown in color, and the fat should have a yellow color. Now, color can’t tell you whether the beef is fresh or not so make sure there are in unpleasant odors coming from the meat to ascertain freshness. It is best to go for meat that is 90% lean.

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